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Communicate & Control Ltd. as a company covers a wide range of businesses all with a digital element. Since forming as a purely software company in 2003 we have entered a number of markets where we see the oportunity to use our digital skills to enhance the current offering.

Current Projects.


A new consumer facing ISP using the Ryan Air model to offer a very attractive headline rate with company sustainment via indirect upsell. This project due to its basic sales requires a firm control on user and costs whilst having enugh attractive side offerings in order to return the required revenue.

Magic Silks.

As an offshoot from our entertainment businesses we are working with a manufacturer to provide a custom design magicians silk printing service. The manufacturer provides the production back end whilst Communicate & Control are providing the online design and shopping exeperiance along with the in industry marketying for what is a new product to the world of magic.


MCGB provide after schools clubs on a rebooted franchise model. It is required that all club organisers stick to a selection of teaching activites to reduce overhead and provide an assured service nationwide. MGCB require a supply of new items whilst retaining their core set made available to orgsnisers nationwide at short notice. The soloution that we are developing with them is a combination of our stock development, manufacturing and forcasting skills, combined with our distribution channels to allow for low cost high speed distribution of small scale sets to the organisers on time hence allowing them to plan their acctivities and develop courses as the schools groups develop.

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